We’ve added LASER TAG!


 Me 2 You Game Truck is proud to offer the most high-tech, advanced Laser Tag available!  Day or night, indoors or out,  you and your guests will feel the rush and thrill of “combat” with our Tippmann Barracuda Laser Tag system.  Our Game Coach/Referee brings pop-up “bunkers” to use as obstacles….get cover, fire and keep moving! With features like re-spawn, re-arm, realistic combat sounds and so much more, you’ll see why the best laser tag party is the one that comes right to you!  Book a Laser Tag party today!


Our First Giveaway


Hi Everyone, It has been a little bit since my last blog. I wanted to take some time to thank everyone for visiting our page and for those of you that have had a chance to have a party with Me 2 You Game Truck already. Recently Me 2 You Game Truck’s Facebook page hit 1000 likes and to commemorate the moment we had a #giveaway Prize. The prize was an Xbox One copy of Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six | Siege. For our first giveaway I feel it went well. We had 42 entries in about 5 days times. All you had to do to enter was like our Facebook Page and then comment on the post with #RB6me2you #gametruckstlouis. The winner would be randomly selected from the names entered in the post. The winner was selected today, 08/15/16 and we notified Tyronda in order to get her prize out to her. With the success of the giveaway we plan to do more in the future. A couple ideas in mind are a free weekday party, Amazon giftcards, other games, etc. Please keep an eye out on our page for any future events. Me 2 You Game Truck is a great idea for events like Birthday parties. However, we have recently done a few community events and these are always great fun participating with the community and giving back when possible. We also do Church events, back to school parties, Corporate Picnics, Bachelor Parties, Fundraisers, Family Reunions, Neighborhood (block) parties and Charity events. We are also friendly with your local police and fire departments and military service members. Public servicemen and women and their families received a 10% discount on their bookings. Don’t forget about our referral program which gives you a free weekday party if you refer 5 parties within a year timeframe. Thanks again everyone and have a wonderful day!

A bit of Nostalgia


I remember back when my older brother and I got our first gaming system.  We were probably 9 & 10 years old.  We saved our allowance from chores for months to get it.  Then, finally, our time had come.  We bought our first Nintendo.  I can remember long nights sitting there with my brother playing Duck Hunt and Mario Brothers.  Eventually some Double Dragons and Ninja Turtles.  Some nights we’d have our friends our cousins over and they would go on all night binges to beat Mario brothers.

I think our love for video games started at an early age as our Parents had an Atari.  I can even remember those nights playing Pong and such.  Eventually we moved on to the Sega, then Sega Genesis to the PlayStation and PlayStation two.  Once I got into college I found my love for PC gaming and FPS games.

My friends and I eventually started what we called “the Nerdery.”  Yes, we made it up which makes it that much “cooler.” Or, not. I digress.  We would bring our Desktops over to each other’s house and set up the night for playing some FPS online games.  From there it turned into a hobby where I joined a clan.  Spent many many late nights having a blast and making friends I would never meet in person.  But having one thing in common made it some of the most fun in my life.

Eventually my computer would get outdated and being a broke college student and spending some time studying abroad and other life events I would move out of the PC gaming world and bought my first Xbox 360.  There I continued my enjoyment of FPS games and eventually would find a clan again to continue that enjoyment I’ve grown so fond of.  A little shout out to my “Old Timers Clan” mates.  A clan for like-minded gamers over 30.  Basically we’re all old, love gaming and grew tired of the in-game chat banter.

That leads me to now, I’ve always wanted to have my own business.  So I figured what better than to mix what I enjoy doing and being an entrepreneur.  So I’ve created Me 2 You Game Truck, Inc.  A place where friends don’t have to be online to game together.  A place where the fun, laughter and safety come together in one place.  Your place! 

What is Me 2 You Game Truck you ask?  We are the best Mobile Video Game Truck Party and we come right to your front door!  The luxury, limo-style mobile game theater on wheels, features 7 widescreen high-def TVs, surround sound and multiplayer gaming excitement.  28 can game at the same time with room for 10 more friends on the second row of stadium seating.  We have the latest titles from Xbox 360, Xbox One, Wii, Wii U and PlayStation 4.

Planning a summer or winter party? We are climate controlled.  If you’re planning a school or city event, our Game Coach will make sure the kids have a blast and you get a break.  If you’re looking for party ideas for a teen party, kids’ birthday party, a bachelor(ette) party, adult get-together or a church or school party, go with us.  You’ll be glad you did!  Bring our party place to your place!

We service the greater St.Louis region including Metro East, IL cities such as Granite City, Edwardsville, Fairview Heights, Belleville, Shiloh, Columbia, Waterloo and more.

Thank you for taking your time to read my blog and we hope to host an amazing party for you soon because it doesn’t get much better than this!


What’s better than a Video Game Party?


Needing a new idea for your birthday party of event? Tired of doing the same thing year after year?

“*Jan – All we ever had was cake & ice cream “lol”. NICE !!!!  🙂 “

Me 2 You Game Truck brings the best Mobile Video Game Truck Party right to your front door! Our Luxury, Limo-Style Mobile Game Theater on wheels features 7 widescreen high-def TVs, surround sound and multiplayer gaming excitement! 28 can game at the same time with room for 10 more friends on the second row of stadium seating! We have all the latest titles from Xbox 360, Xbox One, Wii, Wii U and PlayStation 4! Planning a Summer or Winter Party? We are climate controlled! Planning a School or City Event? Our Game Coach will make sure the kids have a blast and you get a break! If you’re looking for party ideas for a teen party, a kid’s birthday party, a bachelor party, adult get-together or a church or school party, go with us! You’ll be glad you did! Bring our party place to your place!

*Clara said, “Phil, Rollin why did we not know about this?!”* Look at the the excitement from our Community.

*“Colin: **Courtney please rent this for my birthday (your the only close family in this group)”*

*Christine** metioned this to her friends, “*would love to do this for Darin’s 14th birthday. These kids would love it!”

Copy of IMG_1448

If you’re looking for a something new, something that is low maintenance, easy and a whole lot of fun. Look no further than Me 2 You Game Truck. Once you book your party with us we will also provide you with invitations to give out to your guest. We have partnered with Papa John’s to offer you a 30% discount on your purchase order. And, if you’re having a themed party, we have a great connection on themed designed cakes.

If you’re ready to book your party please click “book now.”

We cover your greater St. Louis region, including Granite City, Edwardsville, Fairview Heights, Belleville, Columbia, Waterloo, Dupo and more.

The Benefits of Having a Mobile Video Game Truck Party!


The benefits of using a Mobile Video Game Truck for your party


Once you book we send you invitations to give out to your guest. Then the day of the party there is no hassle of having to pack all of the party up and going to another destination. We pull right up to your location of choice. No Hassle. Our game coach will ensure everyone has a good time. He will change the games when requested and encourage everyone to participate. It’s not just playing video games inside a trailer. It’s a Party!

2) FUN

The ability to play with up to 28 friends at the same on the latest games. We provide 7 big screen HD tvs. Each screen has the ability to play co-op games with each other. We can even host tournament style parties where 16 players can all play the same game at the same time.


Right now is the perfect time to book a Mobile Game Truck for your party or event. Who wants to deal with this cold? We are *CLIMATE CONTROLLED *and provide heat in the cold weather and AC in the hot weather. We also are there regardless if it’s Rain or Shine.


What better place to have a party than in your front yard? We will pull up right in front of your house. The kids will be inside our trailer playing games. There is no strange place for you kids to get lost in. Our Game Coach wears shirts to identify him.


We are discounted pizza prices. Along with your invitations you will find a promo code to use you at your local Papa John’s for 30% off your entire order. They will deliver directly to your house. *for participating locations only.


We are an independently owned company that operates in your Local, St.Louis and Metro East area. The owners are both born and raised here. We are able to cover a 30 mile radius from Granite City, IL and sometimes further when conditions permit.

You can see some pictures here at www.facebook.com/me2yougametruck or by visiting our photo gallery here: Photo Gallery

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St.Louis, It’s Cold Outside! No worries


Hey St.Louis, It’s cold outside! No worries we’re CLIMATE CONTROLLED and we come to you so you won’t have to haul the kids out in the freezing weather. Great for ‪#‎birthday‬ parties for boys or girls, Corporate events, Churches, tailgate parties and Fundraisers. Openings available in March. Check out our website or hit the “Book Now” tab above to check on available dates.

We’ve got the BEST party idea in St. Louis! Have a Video Game Truck Birthday Party!


Me 2 You Game Truck has the ultimate party idea for you – our 32 foot luxury video game truck and trailer come right to you!  Our Game Coach instructs, entertains and runs the party while you get to RELAX!  It’s the easiest party ever, and your home stays clean! Birthday parties, school and church functions, fundraisers, corporate and promotional entertainment, even Tailgate Parties!  Book your Me 2 You Game Truck party today!

Video Game Truck Birthday Parties in St. Louis, Missouri and Illinois