Couch Gaming is Still Popular

Remember when you would sit down on the couch with a few of your best friends or family?  Back in the early days of gaming, heck not even that long ago really, this was how you would game.  Being a gamer myself, this was some of the most fun I had growing up.  As a child I watched my brother and cousins make their way through Mario Brothers.  When I was  young adult I played countless hours of Madden, NHL and other games with my friends.  Right there, on the couch with me. We talked, strategized, played and conquered the games. 

One amazing thing about gaming now, due to the internet, is you can jump online and play with anyone around the world.  It’s truly amazing.  I’ve made quite a few friends this way over the years.  And even though it CAN have that feeling of sitting with your friends right there on your couch, you still are not.  Your best buds are at their own home playing their favorite game. 

More and more game developers are going this route.  I think they’re overlooking the power of being able to sit there with your friends and just have a blast.  Me 2 You Game Truck and thousands of other owners, throughout the country and world now, have proven just how much people still enjoy hanging out with their buds.  I have done hundreds of parties over the past two years, meaning we’ve gamed with thousands of kids and adults alike.  I for one can tell you that sitting on a couch, gaming with your friends and family is still VERY popular.   

We bring kids out of the house and into our Game Theater.  28 of your friends and family can all play together on one of our 7 HDTVs.  You can play the newest Madden with 3 other of your best friends on the Xbox. Battle each other in Call of Duty on the PS4.  Nintendo has been great with their family/friend inclusive games.  But even they are shrinking down to a lot of 2 player only games.  But games like Mario Kart 8 Deluxe and Arms allow up to 4 players. 

Seeing the memories these kids and other guests make have been an immense joy of mine. I encourage the developers to continue making their games with the options to play offline and with multiple players.  In the meantime We Me 2 You Game Truck will continue to bring you the best game truck in St. Louis.  If you’re looking for a new idea for your birthday party, church event, school, fundraiser, corporate event, family reunion, after prom party or any other event keep us in mind.  

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