Gaming with your Kids

Me 2 You Game Truck wants to let you know that video games aren’t just for kids.   According to the Entertainment Software Association (ESA) the average gamer is 35 years old.  In fact, Gamers age 18 and older make up 72% of all gamers.  

But, what about the under 18 age group?  In the Me 2 You Game Truck our average gamers are between 8-13 years old.  A lot of times the parents will stay out of the trailer and let the kids play.  This is partially due to the fact all of their child’s friends and family of the same ages are inside playing as well. 

We do a lot of birthday parties for our guests and I often hear from parents, “I have no idea how to play games.”  While the ESA report states that only 18% of Gamers play with their parents, 90% of parents are present when their child acquires a video game and 67% of parents will play with their child at least once weekly. 

While kids are playing with their parents, it seems that often enough, the parents do not know how to play the games the kids are playing.  Take Minecraft for example, again using the Me 2 You Game Truck experience, this is a game that often the kids are very good at playing and we adults have no clue what to do. 

Minecraft is a great game for a family to play together.  The kids love it and it is a often non-violent game where they create whole words.  Breaking down blocks and other material to combine and make new materials.  For instance, break some ground, add some wood from a tree, to make a whole new material.  They can use this to build houses, castles, roller coasters and whatever their creative minds can make.   

But what can you do if you don’t know how to play it?  One easy solution is to sit down with them and watch.  Ask them questions.  Play the tutorial with them.  Before you know it you’ll be creating a world with your child.  If you take the time to sit back and listen, you’ll be surprised at how creative and smart your child is.  The same goes for any of the games that he/she plays.  Most games have a practice mode if you even want to sneak in some games on your own and impress your child. 

Our video game parties are a great way to join in the fun in a stress-free environment. Play a couple games.  Watch your kids have the time of their lives. Learn and grow together.