Laser Tag Birthday Party

Live-Action gaming in your backyard

Imagine for your birthday you're playing your favorite video game via laser tag in your backyard, office, church or school.  We bring the “combat” action to the greater St. Louis, Missouri and Madison County, Illinois region!  Our specialists sets up the playing field, instructs players for “battle” and runs the party! You relax…and your home stays clean!

Our Laser Tag is state-of-the-art, High Quality equipment and is the perfect option for your groups 8 and up


Warriors - $599

Give your group the ultimate laser tag experience.  No need to worry that your group will get bored with this package.   With many game type options we'll keep the players rotating and the games changing.   

Team based objective games are the speciality here.  Domination, Hardpoint or Capture the Flag. Or have some fun with some Old School Games with a twist like "Red Rover" (Squid Games Style).

Sign your players into CallSign and let them track their stats over the night and even for future events.  They can even earn rewards as they level up their character. 

What's Included:
  • 2 Hours of Play

  • 24 Players / Ages 8+ and up

  • 12 Taggers

  • 6 v 6

  • Barriers

  • Sound system

  • TV scoring

  • Lighting System

  • 8 Shock Bracelets

  • Game Types (Examples)

    • Battle Royale​

    • Domination

    • Hardpoint

    • Red Rover

    • CTF - Capture the Flag

    • TDM - Team Deathmatch

    • FFA - Free For All

    • & More


Tag 'Em - $499

Leveled up one from the Run n Fun package, you'll get two more taggers and 8 more players.  As well, your players will get to dive into more game types and use other weapon types like snipers and machines guns or futuristic poison spit.  
They'll get to play a fan favorite as well in "Infection."   Be a zombie and infect the rest of the players.  Can you survive until the end or will the Zombies infect everyone?  

What's Included: 
  • 90 mins of play

  • 20 Guests/ Ages 8+

  • 10 Taggers

  • up to 5 v 5

  • On Tagger Scoring

  • Weapon Upgrades

  • Barriers

  • Game Types

    • Team Deathmatch​

    • Free for All

    • Gun Game

    • Infection

  • Additional Players $10

  • 2 Additional Taggers - $40

  • Shock Bracelets - $10/bracelet up to 8 

  • Live TV scoring - $20

  • Lighting System - $20 (must be dark)

Run n Fun - $399

Start off your players with some basic tactical laser tag play.  In this package you'll get 60 mins of Team vs Team play.  The objective will be to get the most "tags" within a 5 minute game. Which team will come out on top. 

We'll make sure the players get rotated in and out of the games. 

What's Included: 
  • 60 Minutes of Play

  • 12 Guests/ Ages 8+

  • 8 Taggers

  • 4 v 4 Play

  • Barriers

  • Game Type: 

    • Team Deathmatch​

  • Great for Smaller groups and yards

  • Additional Players $10

  • 2 Additional Taggers - $40

  • Shock Bracelets - $10/bracelet up to 8 

  • Live TV scoring - $20

  • Lighting System - $20 (must be dark)