Our July Promotion

I hope all is well with you.  We are having a promotion this July.  You can receive $25 off your next 2 Hour Game Truck Party reservation.  All you need to do is reserve your next party sometime this month.  The discount will automatically be applied.  Your total cost will be only $300 for 2 hours of great fun. Once this month is over the price will be back to the original $325; so, if you’re thinking about booking us sometime later this year now is the time to do so and get that extra savings.  Reserve your date today!  

Also, I would like to let you know about a few new offerings we have.  We’ve recently lowered our 90 minute party package from $300 to $280 for our Game Truck Parties.  In addition, we now have the ability to take your party to the next level with Online Gaming.  One of the hottest games in the world right now is FORTNITE.  We get asked if we have this game almost every party.  And for the past 2 months the answer to that has been yes.  However, as of this week, this can now be played at no additional cost.  Check out our FORTNITE themed Game Truck Party.  All we need to do is have access to your home router.   We will provide a 100-300 foot ethernet cable that you can plug into your router and into our Game Truck.  Then we can play up to 4 screens of FORTNITE at the same time.  With a party size of 16 guests, your child and his/her best friends are sure to have a blast.  

What if you want to have a party at the park or another place without internet access?  No worries, we have you covered still.  We have an option to provide 4g hotspot internet into our trailer.  Simply select the add-on option that suits your needs best when reserving your date.  

Lastly, Me 2 You Game Truck is proud to announce that we have added 2 Foam Machines.  There are so many bubbles your kids are sure to have a blast.  Be sure to visit our facebook page to see the excitement www.facebook.com/me2yougametruck.   Our introductory rate for this $200 for 2 hours.  Just $100 per hour for the first two hours!