Tactical Laser Tag League

What is Tactical Laser Tag?

A new, organized sport right here in St.Louis and surrounding areas.

Because we are mobile, we bring the league right to your town. Our focus is to bring the sport of Tactical Laser Tag to players that never looked at it as an "organized sport." We use our state-of-the-art laser tag to provide  4 on 4 based games, with up to 8 teams each season.  


TLTLeague is unique as it does not favor "larger, faster, stronger" players.  In fact, our sport favors teams that work together and focus on communication.  Traits that tend not to affect other organized sports in a drastic way. 


A Great Sport for Middle-Schoolers

TLTLeague is focused on the middle school ages as they are often an underserved demographic.. not because programs don't exist for them, but because middle school-aged kids are extremely difficult to "keep their attention and interest."

TLTL is unlike any other organized sport...It taps into the already massive video game industry but adds a level of exercise that most couch gamers do not get. We often hear from our parents of their middle school player how happy they are that the league has got them outside playing with their peers. 

Join a League

Welcome to Victor Company, St.Louis' division of Tactical Laser Tag League.  If you are interested in having a league for your community, church or youth group,  please contact us via email.  We are always looking to add new locations in the St.Louis Region.  Our goal is to eventually have enough cities (or Platoons) that we can have the winning cities (Platoons) compete against each other.  


We will look into your area and determine whether it would be a good fit.  If you have a Point of Contact for us to contact we'll gladly do so.  We are looking for natural terrains like parks or unused walking trails or anywhere we can make work.  Typically your local Park and Recreation or Youth Center is a good place to start.